Areas of Plasma Application

Areas of Plasma Application

Application areas with the best technology and accumulated design/technical know-how.

Smart Phone Foldable phone assembly process
Touch panel lamination/coating pretreatment

Secondary Battery Cathode/anode coating pretreatment process
Performance improvement through membrane surface modification

Display LCD glass cleaning process
OLED Encap. pretreatment process

Semiconductor Packaging FOWLP/PLP molding pretreatment process

Functional Nano Coating Functional nano coating to improve adhesiveness

Print Industry OLED RGB/Quantum dot display inkjet process
Nano imprinting pretreatment/primer removal process

Biomedical Industry Blood Glucose sensor enzyme coating pretreatment

Solar Cell Chemical cleaning process for thin film solar cells
Pretreatment for Smart glass (architecture glass) coating

PCB Pretreatment of PCB substrate for plating/SMT/Flip chip bonding

Automobile Surface treatment for Brake pad

Parts Industry MLCC plating pretreatment (Hydrophobic surface treatment)

USC Removal of tool particles generated during the smart phone manufacturing process

Contact Angle Measurement Tool Check the contact angle before and after the substrate surface treatment process during the manufacturing process

Air purifier Removal of foreign substances and ozone generated during the manufacturing process

Power Supply Power supply device for plasma discharge