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Ideal Person of PSM

Ideal Person of PSM

HR Operational Goals

Support HR, General Affairs, and Accounting Analysis and logic, planning ability/negotiation and coordination ability/respect for each other
Sales Domestic and Overseas Sales Customer-oriented thinking/action and driving force/communication ability
Manufacturing Technology Research and Design Research design, system, QC strict rules and compliance/immediate problem solving/logical, analytical, and creative thinking skills

PSM Employee Benefits

  • - Evaluation and compensation according to individual abilities and achievements
  • - Performance incentives are paid separately when company profits occur
  • - Selective promotion for individual employees with excellent performance
Working conditions
  • - 5 days a week, annual leaves
Salary system
  • - PSM applies an annual salary system for all employees and prides itself on the best treatment for employees for a company of the size in the industry.
Work title system
  1. Associate

  2. Senior

  3. Assistant

  4. General

  5. Deputy

  6. Department

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