Areas of Plasma Application


Biomedical Industry

  • - AP plasma (M electrode) is applied to the pretreatment process of enzyme coating for blood glucose sensor


  1. 1. Atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment system using M electrode
  2. 2. Applied to the surface treatment process for blood glucose sensor and blood glucose sheets
  3. 3. The treatment width is 200 mm (the treatment width can be expanded), and The transfer method of the equipment is a conveyor or stage type.
Brochure Movement
  • - Vacuum plasma equipment is applied to the surface treatment process of the blood pumping module

Vacuum Plasma System

  1. 1. Applied to the hydrophilic process of the surface of the blood pumping module
  2. 2. It significantly shortens the process time for removing air bubbles in the blood
  3. 3. Optimal recipe and good results are secured through various evaluations
  • - Plasma disinfection/medical instrument - Production of medical products using plasma

Plasma treatment instrument

  1. 1. Low-temperature plasma disinfection/treatment instrument for medical treatment of wound and cell treatment
  2. 2. Electrode shape and unique gas distribution structure for generation of low temperature plasma
  3. 3. Patent application for the related technology complete (application number: Korea 10-2020-0007107, and USA 16790323)