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Contact Angle Measurement Tool

  • - Check the contact angle before and after the surface treatment of the substrate in the manufacturing process
Contact Angle Measurement Tool

Contact Angle Measurement Tool

  1. 1. It is possible to measure the contact angle directly on the sample substrate with a small measurement tool
  2. 2. It is made in portable sizes, so it is easy to use when moving outside
  3. 3. The semi-auto mode can be used to minimize measurement errors
  4. 4. Conversion of contact angle into surface energy is possible


Items Specification
Model Accua-K1
Measurement Tool ’s Body Dimension 98mm×45mm×93.5mm (L×W×H)
Application Contact Angle measurement for Glass, Metal, Polymer, Ceramic Substrates
Weight 400g
Droplet size Less than 5mm (Diameter)
Static Contact Angle
Measurement Surface Tension (Calculaion required)
Light source LED(Adjustable)
Contact Angle : 1~180˚
Measurement Range Surface Tension : 101~103 mN/m (Calculation required)
Operation system Window 8, Window 10
Accessories S/W, Manual, Syringe, AI Case
Input Power USB 2.0 1Port
Brochure Movement