Areas of Plasma Application



  • - Large AP 11G electrode (processing width of 3420 mm) applied to 11G LCD glass cleaning process
  • - AP plasma electrode for OLED Encap pretreatment process

AP Plasma Electrode

  1. 1. Efficient organic material cleaning is possible, and it can be stably applied to large samples (6~11G) as well (processing speed: 6-8m/min)
  2. 2. Specially designed to minimize particle generation (standard generation level is below 10 particles with sizes of 0.3μm or smaller)
  3. 3. Stable and upgraded power supply (stabilization/enhancement for safety devices such as trans, cooling, and EMO)
Brochure Movement
  • - AP roll-to-roll equipment is applied to the flexible display film surface treatment process

AP Plasma Roll-to-Roll Equipment

  1. 1. Surface treatment of flexible substrate PI film is possible
  2. 2. Spreadability and adhesion are enhanced after surface treatment.
  3. 3. The spray type atmospheric pressure plasma does not damage the samples (no thermal damage)