Areas of Plasma Application


Print Industry

  • - AP plasma is applied to OLED RGB /Quantum Dot Display inkjet process
  • - AP plasma is applied to nano-imprinting pretreatment/primer removal process
Printing Industry

AP Plasma Electrode

  1. 1. Applied to the selective surface treatment process before inkjet printing for the OLED RGB Pattern /Quantum Dot Display
  2. 2. AP plasma is applied to the nano-imprinting pretreatment/primer removal processes
  3. 3. It can be stably applied to large samples (6~10G) as well (processing speed: 6-8m/min)
  • - PSM vacuum plasma is applied to Descum/Etching for the patterning process

AP Plasma System

  1. 1. The PSM vacuum plasma system uses a unique vacuum and gas flow technology
        - The best resin removal system and etching equipment are provided
  2. 2. It is applied to the Descum process for the purpose of removing the resin on the substrate surface
  3. 3. It is applied to glass etching for forming nano-imprinting patterns
  • - AP plasma (M/DRP electrode) is applied to improve the printing process of Gravure printing/screen printing


  1. 1. Very high cleaning effect (it has up to 5 times higher cleaning effect than the existing AP)
  2. 2. The gap between electrode and sample is large (up to 12mm max.)
  3. 3. It can be applied to large sample panels by connecting DRP electrodes in series.


300D 400D 500D 800D
A (mm) 500 610 830 995
B (mm) 431 541 761 926
C (mm) 214 214 214 214
D (mm) 202 202 202 202
E (mm) 318 320 312 312
Brochure Movement


Brochure Movement