Areas of Plasma Application


Automobile Industry

  • - RPS electrodes are applied to the surface treatment process for brake pads
Automobile Industry

AP Plasma - RPS

  1. 1. RPS 80 is an economical and efficient atmospheric plasma module using only CDA
  2. 2. It improves adhesiveness of automobile parts such as brake pads
  3. 3. Adhesiveness can be improved by treating the surface of various substrates such as metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic
  4. 4. The treatment effect is good even at high speed (100 to 200 mm/s)


Dimension 250(W) X 130(D) X 283.3 (H)
Type Rotary Type Plasma
Processing Width 80 mm
Gap Max 15 mm
Processing Gas CDA 40~50 lpm
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  • - The RPS300 series module is applied to the 3D glass surface treatment process
  • - Air jet is applied to the surface cleaning process of automobile parts


  1. 1. Using only CDA, highly stable plasma can effectively remove surface organics
  2. 2. High processing speed (up to 200mm/s)
  3. 3. It minimizes thermal damage with low processing temperature (60 to 70° at 100 mm/s)


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