About Company

Greetings from CEO

Lee Keun-ho CEO
  • Doctor of Applied Physics, the University of Texas, USA
  • Advanced Technology Research Institute
  • Director of Plasma Center
  • In charge of Manufacturing Process for Samsung Semiconductor

Since its foundation in 2001, PSM has led the development of atmospheric plasma technology through constant technological innovation for the past 20 years. With unwavering faith in following principles while not being afraid of change, we have overcome limitations of plasma technology step by step. Through the technological prowess, we are growing into a plasma company that is recognized in the global market as well as the Korean semiconductor industry.

With a vision for the new 100 years ahead, PSM will use 2020 as the year of development and growth in order to continue to promote new changes and innovations, and pursue the following changes and innovations.

First, we will leap forward as a global company by expanding the sales network in overseas markets such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and USA as well as application fields such as the domestic semiconductor, display, and film markets.

Second, as a leader of the atmospheric plasma commercialization technology both in Korea and overseas, we currently possess patents for core atmospheric plasma technologies, and will secure more patented technologies through continuous development of technology. Also, we will continue to invest in technological innovation and quality improvement by strengthening the technology innovation group and the QC sector.

Third, we plan to build a more efficient management system through establishment of the ERP system, and ISO9000 and ISO14000.

We promise to continuously strive to make a better future of PSM by pursuing our future vision, 'Change & Growth', which would allow us to lead change and achieve qualitative and quantitative growth simultaneously.