Areas of Plasma Application


Solar Cell/Industrial Sunglasses

  • - It reduces the concentration of chemicals by applying a DRP electrode to thin-film solar cell chemical cleaning process (environmentally friendly)
  • - Apply AP plasma (DRP electrode) by pre-treatment of smart glass (architecture glass) coating
Solar Cell/Industrial Sunglasses


  1. 1. It can reduce the chemical concentration in the chemical (alkaline) cleaning process (environmentally friendly)
  2. 2. It improves the production yield by increasing reliability of thin-film coating
  3. 3. Cleaning the contaminated glass substrate (Solar Cell Panel, and Smart Glass)
  4. 4. It can remove suction marks, pin marks, water marks on displays, architectural glass panels, and so on
  5. 5. It can remove residues of nano coating film used to protect the surface such as AF


300D 400D 500D 800D
A (mm) 500 610 830 995
B (mm) 431 541 761 926
C (mm) 214 214 214 214
D (mm) 202 202 202 202
E (mm) 318 320 312 312
Brochure Movement
  • - AP plasma (M electrode) is applied to the texturing/diffusion pretreatment processes for crystalline silicon solar cells


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