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    Pretreatment of Cell-phone case, Key pad printing

    Pretreatment of bonding and coating


    • Plasma Type£ºAtmospheric Pressure Plasma

    • Plasma Width£º¢¦120 mm (Adjustable)

    • Dimension£º2,000(W)×1,200(D)×540(H)

    • Speed£º 10~60 mm/sec (Depend on Sample)

    • Process Gas£ºN2, Air

    • Power£º 3Phase, 220/380V, AC 50/60Hz

    • Process Control£º

    • Plasma Run/Stop, Voltage Regulation,

    • Plasma Status, System Interlock, Manual On/Off


    • Low maintenance cost with cheap process gas (N2, Air)

    Stable process for Conductive and Nonconductive Materials

    Easy operation with automatic PLC control

    No degradation of material properties.

       (Optical visibility of cell-Phone Window)